Internech Systems is pleased to distribute world-class optics products and solutions from optoSiC of Germany

optoSiC manufactures standard Generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ XY   laser galvo scanning mirrors at 10, 15, 20 and 30mm apertures for single pair consumption with a range of reflective coatings.

Also manufactures customer-specific OEM products within a single piece size of 680 x 300 x 50mm or ø300mm. These includes:

  • Ultra-high dynamic
  • Low inertia scanning mirrors for laser processing
  • Streak cameras
  • Security
  • Sensing and targeting applications

Standard Mirrors


Link to Technical Datasheet XY10G (PDF)


Link to Technical Datasheet XY15G (PDF)


Link to Technical Datasheet XY20G (PDF)


Link to Technical Datasheet XY30G (PDF)


Link to Technical Datasheet XY100G (PDF)

Optical Coatings

UltraMAX R for high-power CO2

Link to Technical Datasheet UltraMAX R (PDF)

opto-1064 R for high-power Nd:YAG

Link to Technical Datasheet opto-1064 R (PDF)

opto-HR Visible

Coming Soon

opto-1064/532 R for Dualband Nd:YAG

Coming Soon

opto-532 R for Doubled-YAG

Coming Soon

opto-355 R for Tripled-YAG

Coming Soon

OEM Mirrors

F-theta Lens
High Energy mirrors
Non-polorizing cube beam splitter
Polarizing cube beam splitter
Beam Expander
Quarter Waveplate
Half Waveplate
Brewster Window 

For information on how Internech Systems can help you on your optical mirror requirements, please contact us.

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